Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sewing room and more wips

Most of my at home time this summer was spent cleaning, purging, and reorganizing. It feels good to have dug out from under some of the accumulated stuff. The best result is finally a dedicated sewing room (and sometime guest room). Many years ago our local grocery store (Wegmans) had a fabric department. When they decided to close that department, they offered a couple pattern book tables for free. We snapped them up to use for kids project tables, but for the last several years they've been stored in the basement. Somehow it seemed very appropriate to use them as sewing/cutting tables now.

There is also enough space over the tables to use as a design wall. I just tacked up a large piece of felt and put some of my current projects on it. Most of them are all pieced and ready to be quilted.

It's time for yet another loon isn't it? This was pieced and appliqued several years ago. The design, Loon Lake, comes from the book Spirit of the Northwoods by Debbie Field.

Here's a closer view of another wall hanging I started a couple years ago. I unearthed it in the big clean-up and have started finishing it up. This is called 'Along the Way' from the book Threads of Harmony by Whimsicals.